Buying from your Local Box Manufacturer

Sometimes we receive quote requests to manufacture custom boxes from far away distances.  Although we would be happy to receive all orders within our capacity, it is not usually economical for a company to purchase from box manufacturers outside their local region due to the added freight costs.  This especially true the for short runs.  For example;  say a  business needs 300 custom sized boxes for their product.  They place an order from a manufacturer 400 miles away.. The freight for this may run upwards of $150  (depending on the size and weight)  which will add a minimum of  $.50 per box.
In contrast there is  likely a box manufacturer within 100 miles of the business who is just as capable of manufacturing the order and freight costs are much more reasonable.  Box manufacturers are located in just about every metropolitan area in the United States.  It is worth your time to do a search for box manufacturers locally.  An added benefit of using a local manufacturer is also having the opportunity to meet in person with a sales representative who can assist you in selecting the right box style and material for the product you need packaged.

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